Why Clifford Chance?

For some, it’s our award-winning reputation. For others, it’s the quality of our training. For many, it’s the sheer scale of our deals. There are lots of reasons why people are attracted to Clifford Chance. But that doesn’t explain why they stay and build long-term careers here.

We believe it’s because we offer a working life unlike any other. The intellectual challenges at Clifford Chance are extraordinarily rich. Client challenges rarely fall conveniently within one practice area, so our people have to combine their expertise to cut through the most complex of problems.

As a trainee, it means you’ll have to consider every angle. You won’t just think through a problem; you’ll think around it too. You’ll also connect regularly with colleagues around the globe. Collaborating across borders, languages and legal systems, you’ll work together to find solutions.

It’s this sense of collaboration that sets us apart. Our teams are close-knit and clients praise the seamless, integrated service they receive from us. For you, it will make for an exceptionally supportive environment. You can ring someone on the other side of the world and know they’ll be there for you – even if they’re just about to leave the office.

The support doesn’t end there either. As a progressive firm, we’re always looking for new ways to empower people – whether it’s by supporting diversity initiatives, giving our people the time for voluntary work, or by creating innovative training programmes like Springboard.

Clifford Chance is a place where everything comes together.

Why train to be a lawyer with us?

David Bickerton – Regional Managing Partner

Discover how Clifford Chance is evolving and how you can fit in.

We're continuously operating in new jurisdictions and geographies and developing new ways to meet our clients' evolving requirements. Here, our Regional Managing Partner talks about the challenges we face in a changing business world and the people we need in order to meet them.


Find out how our pioneering approach has kept us at the forefront.

We're a firm of firsts, pioneering innovative new ways of practising the law all over the world. This video introduces the scope of the firm, the history of its achievements and amazing work that it does for major clients. It's a view of the aspirational nature of Clifford Chance and its record of accomplishment.


Find out what we look for in our new trainee lawyers.

Clifford Chance wants to be at the forefront of the elite group of international law firms. We'll achieve that by hiring anyone with exceptional talent. David Bickerton discusses what the firm looks for in new trainees and Roy Appiah, now qualified, talks about his experience of the assessment process and his training contract.


Learn how we turn talented individuals into professional lawyers.

Learning and professional development don't finish once you've qualified as a lawyer. The spirit of enquiry and the passion to learn informs all of our work at Clifford Chance. Here three trainees (all now qualified) and partners discuss learning at Clifford Chance from training contracts to the Clifford Chance Academy and our Thought Leadership board.


See how we work and what sort of international deals we enable.

The way we work involves everyone at all stages. The “one team” approach means that we work together and people have responsibility from an early stage in their career. This example of a deal shows the opportunities for development you'll have as a trainee and beyond.


The application process is a chance for you to show what you can offer Clifford Chance. But it's also an opportunity to work out if we are really the right place for you.

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