There's more than one route to a Training Contract with Clifford Chance, and our people come to us from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. In fact experience shows that talented lawyers can come from any academic discipline. 

If you studied a subject other than Law at university but have decided that this is the career for you, you’ll first need to take a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), a one-year conversion course that will introduce you to the legal world and its major practice areas.

We'll pay all your GDL fees and will provide a maintenance grant to support you throughout the course. This will be £7,000 if you study the GDL outside London and £8,000 if you're studying in London.

We recommend you study your GDL at one of the many BPP institutions around the country to ensure consistency in your learning experience between your GDL and LPC. You will have a dedicated member of the Graduate Development Team who will fully support you across the year to ensure that you have a cohesive and smooth transition from your undergraduate degree into the GDL.

Once you've completed your GDL, you’ll be ready to undertake the Legal Practice Course (LPC) with us.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

Here Laura Cullip from the Graduate Development Team explains what support and contact points with the firm you'll receive over the course of the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

You don’t have to have studied Law at university to embark on a legal career. The GDL allows you to transition into the legal path and provides you with a basic foundation in legal process and knowledge that you will expand upon in your LPC.