Alternative Financing

As a firm with a strong background in all aspects of finance law – from real estate to syndicated loans – it's always been crucial that we adapt to shifting patterns in financing. And it was with this in mind that we organised a conference on the growth of 'alternative financing'.

With traditional banks no longer willing or able to meet consumer and business demand for credit, in the wake of the 2007 Financial Crisis, alternative institutions – hedge funds, insurance companies, private equity firms – have moved to fill the gap. Although it could be argued that this has done much to provide liquidity that wouldn't otherwise have been available, governments have become increasingly wary of the lack of regulation to which alternative financing is subject.

Clifford Chance brought together over 120 clients from a diverse range of professional disciplines to discuss their experiences of alternative financing. Because of the strength of our client relationships we were able to draw on a broad spectrum of leading figures to identify major trends, discuss opportunities and debate the challenges posed by new regulation.